Friendship Quote # 7

Quotes by Muhammad Ali, B. 1942

Quote by Muhammad Ali, B. 1942

“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.”


2 thoughts on “Friendship Quote # 7

  1. A man called Muhammad Ali
    Was a genius, most folks would agree
    In the prize-fighting game
    He earned riches and fame
    With his fists that would sting like a bee

    Cassius Clay was his name long ago
    As it was when the world came to know
    His great skill in the ring
    Where he reigned as a king
    And established a new status quo

    As a kid 22 years of age
    With his friends making minimum wage
    Sonny Liston he beat
    Like a bum in the street
    And the world, overnight, was his stage

    Cassius Clay had begun an emersion
    Then he had a religious conversion
    And a new Muslim name
    But along with this came
    Some degree of disdain and aspersion

    He beat Liston again in a bout
    That was shrouded in mystery and doubt
    Sonny seemed to have dived
    When no punch had arrived
    At his jaw or his eye or his snout

    Many title defenses ensued
    Where Muhammad beat many a dude
    Then the government said
    ‘Fight the commies instead’
    He refused, then he promptly got screwed

    After three years of fighting in court
    For the right to be back in his sport
    He resumed his vocation
    With great excitation
    And burgeoning public support

    He was champ once again pretty soon
    Still a hero, much like Daniel Boone
    In some classics he fought
    Where with pain he was fraught
    And his fans ate it up with a spoon

    With his craftiness, quickness and stealth
    He attained adulation and wealth
    Now at seventy-one
    Near the end of his run
    He’s declining in terms of his health

    Now we honor Muhammad Ali
    As a man full of life and esprit
    He’s a legend for sure
    And his place is secure
    As the greatest there ever will be


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