Happy Birthday Sophia Loren

"I am lucky. I had a beautiful mother." Quote by Sophia Loren

“I am lucky. I had a beautiful mother.”
Quote by Sophia Loren


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sophia Loren

  1. Happy Birthday Sophia Loren

    A gal named Sophia Loren
    Was a hot looking babe way back when
    She was born on this day
    And she won’t go away
    Like Bo Derek she once was a ‘10’

    In the city of Rome she was born
    At the time when her country was torn
    By the Second World War
    With its carnage and gore
    Which left millions both dead and forlorn

    As a youngster she oozed sensuality
    With her face and unbridled vitality
    Her massive torpedoes
    Caused heightened libidos
    In men with a randy mentality

    Sophia began her career
    And the course she was anxious to steer
    In pursuit of her goal
    With a meaningless role
    That she played in her 17th year

    In the fifties she polished her skills
    And was able to pay all her bills
    With the money she made
    For the roles that she played
    Prompting many vicarious thrills

    Sophia would soon be a star
    Like Clark Gable and Hedy Lamarr
    Very much in demand
    Earning hundreds of grand
    With a mansion and shiny new car

    She’s made 94 movies in all
    And also a pretty good haul
    In kudos and cash
    As a box office smash
    She’s prolific, like Robert Duvall


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